Ресторан Рандеву. Ремонт и отделка.

The interior of the restaurant "Rendezvous" symbolizes luxury, respectability and high comfort. All or at least many elements of the interior have their own artistic value. However, it is not overloaded with details - organic, full of taste and dignity. We were traditionally in favour of late classicism. But we tried not to limit ourselves to them, because there was a mutual diffusion and absorption of all styles. We managed to form a unique atmosphere thanks to the use of many elements of traditional Opera houses. For the first time in Russia you can see the unique large-scale reproduction of Michelangelo's fresco "the Birth of Adam" dimensions of 12 metres by 6 metres.
Classic is "the long haul", it is something that is worthy of passing on your legacy.

Classic is "the long haul" it is something that is worthy of passing on your legacy.

Ресторан Рандеву. Ремонт и отделка.

The customer asked us to create not just a restaurant, but also a concert and theatrical venue. Everything had to be done in the classic styles with the imposition of the Armenian ethnics. So the hall, the lobby and the facade have elements different in shape and style. Classical balconies are subordinated to the metric system and deployed along the axis relative to each other.

Complex ceiling of the hall is decorated with two chandeliers with a diameter of more than 3 meters. They are made of thin durable metal and crystal clear glass by Turkish artists on an individual project. The restaurant "Rendezvous" contains more than fifty groups of lighting. The restaurant hall is designed to scale status banquets, celebrations and anniversaries.

Climate, lighting, sound and projection equipment meets the most stringent modern requirements that was highly appreciated by many prominent guests and celebrities.

Ресторан Рандеву. Ремонт и отделка.We used more than thirty types of decorative coatings including: Venetian plaster and structural gold paint. All furniture is designed and manufactured specially for the restaurant "Rendezvous". The restaurant walls are framed frescoes of the oldest Armenian settlements Ana.

In the restaurant about a thousand meters is a public zone. Each floor has its own wall color, different cornices, pilasters, even different color granite. The hall and staircase are made in the same manner. But the lounge room is not a transit as it has been individually designed, full of interesting classic elements: Greek columns, lamps in the style of "art Deco" and a lot of mirrors which opens the space in different directions.

We have harmoniously combined the latest technology with the classic theatrical interior.

Ресторан Рандеву. Ремонт и отделка.The abundance of antique decorative coatings such as: crack Orio Argento, rustic, Swahili and Venetian plaster was used in the interiors of the complex to create a special feeling of oldness. The facade is not symmetrical about a vertical axis. It is settled by pilasters, arches and entablature. The facade doesn’t have the final pediment, instead, it is crowned with a double cornice. The location of the columns and windows conveys the desire to center.

The facade of the restaurant is the abundance of ethnic ornamentizm that particularly sets it apart from the usual building facades in the style of classicism, and along with this shows an unusual work of modern young architects and designers, who used seemingly usual classical elements.


Restaurant "Rendezvous" from idea to implementation


Design projects of interiors and facade

View of the facade of the day.

View of the facade at night.


Hall and stairs.


The interior of the restaurant.


Work performed and services:

  • Project design of the facade and interior of the restaurant.
  • 3D visualization of the project.
  • Creating documentation.
  • Completion of facility construction and finishing materials, furniture equipment.
  • Construction, installation and finishing work / repair facilities.
  • Drywall installation: wall/ceiling.
  • Painting work.
  • Flooring / flooring company.
  • Plaster walls and ceilings.
  • Installation of doors.
  • Installation of equipment.
  • Finishing room.
  • Designing of furniture.
  • The production of exclusive elements of the interior.
  • Design and fabrication of custom products and small architectural forms.
  • Decoration.
  • Management of the project.
  • Supervision.

The Rendezvous Restaurant