Design for the design itself does not make sense as well as any other creative process when there is a lack of inspiration. What design really is a piece of art of an individual that makes our life more natural, comfortable and beautiful. It deeply influences our inner and outer world that does make sense.

STANZZA is a creative team of professional architects, designers and constructors who genuinely love their job.

Since 2001 we have been successfully working in different regions of Russia, performing quality of our work.


  • Interior design.
  • Projection and engineering:
  • from 3D imaging up to detailed design documentation.
  • Building and construction works, finishing works on a turn-key basis.
  • Complete set of materials for processing
  • Providing our projects with equipment, furniture and bathroom fixtures.
  • Development and production of our own non-standard shop fixtures and fittings as well as different office equipment.
  • Production of furniture and exclusive interior componentry.
  • Installation of engineering systems, climate, sound, lighting and projection equipment.
  • Decorating.
  • Project management.
  • Design supervision.

About company (EN)

STANZZA is elegance and dignity, simplicity and laconicism of decisions, a qualitative consideration of each project line.


  • Business centers and hotels, shopping and recreational centers.
  • Cafes, restaurants, elite clubs.
  • Boutiques, salons, shops.
  • Interior design of apartments, offices, houses and residences.

STANZZA space and interior design

Our task is to find the unique image and style of the interior design in your house, office, shopping center, hotel, restaurant and etc.

In our interior and architectural design we take into account every single detail such as:

  • Balanced combination of natural and modern combined materials...
  • Easement and convenience...
  • Everything one needs to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Repairs, redecoration, finishing works.

The most important direction of activity of the company is renovations and finishing works on a turn-key basis.
Our experts work with all the types of buildings and facades, using high technologies and different types of finish materials.

Non-standard items of STANZZA

We produce necessary non-standard items for any interior and exterior design of the building:

  • Fountains, elevators, stairs ...
  • Furniture, equipment and decorative items ...
  • Light-weight structures and sign boards, lightboxes and navigation systems...
  • We work with all types of glass, creating facades, windows, stained-glass windows and shop equipment ...

We also produce elements and decor items from any kinds of metal:

- acero inoxidable,
- metales ferrosos,
- construcciones de aluminio,
- forja artística y fundición...

STANZZA has its own distinct handwriting that has respect for materials and styles and sensitivity to art.
The existing corporate identity of STÁNZZA is elegance and dignity, simplicity and laconicism of decisions, a qualitative consideration of each project line.
The buildings and the interiors of STANZZA are designed with engineering precision, made with perfect accuracy, have respect for fashionable trends and styles.
We see it as a guarantee of the success at any assigned task.

STANZZA: we do not just respect the style, we create trends and form the taste.